LW Labs make application for Novel Foods deadline

LW Labs has recently submitted its application to the Food Standards Agency to meet the Novel Foods exemption deadline for CBD food supplements.

The deadline is set for 31st March 2021 which means that, after this date, only approved suppliers will be allowed to manufacture CBD products on a regular, legal and compliant basis.

LW Labs is a specialist CBD manufacturer that produces only the highest-quality CBD products using only pure and natural ingredients. We strive to become the leading CBD Tincture suppliers to Europe’s biggest brands, and our accreditations speak for themselves. We offer fantastic opportunities for the businesses and partners that we work with in the CBD market. By partnering with us, we can provide a highly professional service with a real focus on the highest-quality products.

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Why you should partner with a Trusted CBD Supplier

Are you looking for a CBD supplier? It is vital that you choose a trusted CBD supplier to help you begin or expand your business – and that is exactly why we are here.

LW Labs is a specialist, high quality, trusted CBD supplier. As a fully integrated manufacturer of CBD Tinctures nationwide, there has never been a better time to start the conversation.

Can we help you today?

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The growth of the CBD market in recent years

Although cannabis has been popular for many hundreds of years, only in recent years has there been a significant growth of the CBD market; specifically, as we have been able to refine what we can extract from the Cannabis Plant to leave out the compounds we do not ’t want, like THC, and retain the qualities of CBD itself.

Many people across the globe are now embracing the potential benefits of CBD, and some countries are focusing their laws and policies toward its growth. Now is the perfect time to make your way in the CBD industry if you have not already done so. With the potential for even more growth of the CBD market, you can establish your business as a staple in the sector and we can help.

We – LW Labs – offer only the highest-quality CBD solutions for you and your business. We are a quality bulk CBD supplier who can provide you with the exact products and services that your CBD business needs.

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Work with a specialist manufacturer for CBD – LW Labs

When choosing a CBD manufacturer to partner with, it is important that you pick an honest and reliable manufacturer who is committed to producing only the highest-quality CBD products. That is why a specialist manufacturer is the way to go.

LW Labs could be the perfect business opportunity for anyone looking to start or grow in the CBD market. We are able to offer efficient, high-quality services to our partners with the aim to help expand the CBD industry as a whole.

We want to grow and evolve your business today.

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