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LW Labs make application for Novel Foods deadline

LW Labs has recently submitted its application to the Food Standards Agency to meet the Novel Foods exemption deadline for CBD food supplements.

The deadline is set for 31st March 2021 which means that, after this date, only approved suppliers will be allowed to manufacture CBD products on a regular, legal and compliant basis.

LW Labs is a specialist CBD manufacturer that produces only the highest-quality CBD products using only pure and natural ingredients. We strive to become the leading CBD Tincture suppliers to Europe’s biggest brands, and our accreditations speak for themselves. We offer fantastic opportunities for the businesses and partners that we work with in the CBD market. By partnering with us, we can provide a highly professional service with a real focus on the highest-quality products.

What is the Novel Food catalogue?

The European Commission’s website definition is below:

‘The Novel Food Catalogue lists products of animal and plant origin and other substances subject to the Novel Food Regulation, based on information provided by the EU Member States.

It is a non-exhaustive list and serves as orientation on whether a product will need an authorisation under the Novel Food Regulation. EU countries may restrict the marketing of a product through specific legislation.’

The coming deadline for CBD manufacturers means that the CBD market will be more regulated with food supplements and CBD-infused products moving to a purely single-cannabinoid model. The only way to become a legalised CBD supplier is to apply for authorisation for the novel foods exemption, as  there is no other way to attain this approval.

What the Novel Foods deadline means for CBD

The Novel Foods application can only make the CBD market better. It should mean that, after the deadline, the market will only provide for approved and compliant CBD products for all. This could help to wean out the potentially harmful and unsafe products that have reached the market.

This could also help to provide for greater opportunities for companies to grow their businesses by allowing for only trustworthy and legal products to flourish in the market.

With the regulation of CBD products comes an element of mainstream acceptance in society. We firmly believe that the CBD market will continue to boom, creating and stabilising many businesses to form a vital part of the UK economy. If CBD products become more widely used, the audience of such products will no doubt expand, and more people could be helped in the process. Increased capacity for CBD businesses and larger audiences can be a stable way to allow for a successful market to succeed.

Interested in partnering with LW Labs?

We have already made our application to the Food Standards Agency for the Novel Foods exemption deadline for CBD food supplements. LW Labs is already a proud CBD manufacturer, creating only the best quality products, using the highest-quality ingredients, and we are excited for the change coming to the CBD industry.

By partnering with us, you can receive a comprehensive service, covering all aspects of the manufacturing process from sourcing the ingredients to the final product in your customers’ hands. We offer private and white label services and you can even take advantage of our in-house designer should you choose to do to

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