Our CBD ingredients

If you want to make use of our CBD ingredients and formulas to complement your products or brand, here is some brief information about what you can expect.

We will outline the key information about the ingredients of the solutions that we offer, and how they are safe and legal for use here in the UK. We will also let you know about how we can guarantee the highest quality standards and how you and your own customers can be assured of what it is that we offer.

When you are ready to get in touch with us, we are here and waiting to assist.

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Private and white label CBD Services

At LW Labs, our mission is to grow and develop the CBD industry, which is how we can help the clients and partners that we work with who use our private and white label CBD services.

You can tap into the expert knowledge that we have, and you can leave all the logistics of how we can get your product from the design phase and on to the shelves with the help of our expert team.

Here is a little information about how our labels services can help you. You can also see our page with information about the range of products and services we offer here. To contact the sales team now, you can call now on 01246 767 720 or email info@cbdmanufacturer.co.uk.

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