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About Our CBD Oil Tinctures For Sale

Our CBD oil tinctures for sale in the UK are more than just a standard product. Our consistent approach to high-quality products and services sets us apart from the rest in this rapidly growing market, and we are more than happy (and proud) to tell you why.

We are a specialist manufacturer of CBD Oil Tinctures, and we currently have an exclusive and unbeatable offer as the number 1 formulators in the UK. We are more than just a specialist manufacturer offering CBD oil tinctures for sale and supply. We are dedicated to evolving the CBD industry, and it all starts with what we do and how we operate.

Read on to find out more about what we do, how we do it, and why a partnership with us can be the best option available for you.

CBD oil tinctures for sale now

We have CBD oil tinctures for sale right now, with stock available from just £3.20 per unit, and labelling for bottles are on offer for just 5p per unit with your own artwork supplied to us.

Our approach to the highest quality we can offer means that:

  • Our tinctures are provided with third-party test certificates;
  • We offer free shipping to anywhere in the UK;
  • We have the fastest turnaround in the industry of just 3 days;
  • We can offer our in-house designer for your benefit.

Our CBD oils

Our CBD Oil Tinctures are lab-approved, and we have products with 0% and >0.2% THC available.

We also have a number of options to suit your needs:

  • Full Spectrum or Broad Spectrum;
  • Option of Organic MCT Oil or Organic Hemp Seed Oil as the carrier;
  • Customisable concentrations that range from 3% to 40% (minimum order per concertation is 50 units);
  • Multiple flavourings that include organic peppermint and orange;
  • Bottle sizes that range from 10ml and 30ml complete with either droppers or sprays.

Dedicated Account Manager

Your dedicated Account Manager will oversee your order all the way through the process; from the very start until your finished product hits the shelves.

We operate in brand new, state-of-the-art premises located just off the M1, fitted with over 1000 sq. ft of clean room facility. Our commitment to the highest quality as a company undergoing ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 certification means you can rest assured that you are in safe hands.

We are legal, compliant, and carefully monitor and record all of our practices.

Lead Chemist David is passionate about building your brand, and his background in formulation (having previously worked for Boots Healthcare and Pfizer Central Research) means we can guarantee a positive working partnership that will last.

Our vision is simple: we want to grow and evolve the CBD market even more and be Europe’s leading supplier of CBD Tinctures.

Want to know more about the CBD oil tinctures for sale right now? You can find out more and place your order now by calling us on 01246 767720 or emailing us at

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