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How to start a CBD business with LW Labs – the right way

If you need to know how to start a CBD business the right way, look no further than LW Labs as specialist CBD manufacturers with our compressive range of bulk products and services.

The CBD market is booming, so anyone looking to enter the market must have a compressive understanding when it comes to how to start a CBD business in the right way. At LW Labs, our way of working and our mission to help the sector grow and evolve for the better is designed with this in mind.

How to start a CBD business in the right way

The market sector for CBD continues to grow, and the scope and potential for returns are lucrative. If executed in the right way, that is when you can make a really profitable business in this health and well-being sector, and we could forge the perfect partnership to help you when it comes to how to start a CBD business in the right way.

LW Labs can help you to create a strong brand with a safe and legal product. Under the management of experienced Head Chemist David, our team is dedicated to premium products and superior solutions. Getting the right supplier is an absolute must (we cannot stress this enough) because the need for reliability and an experienced CBD manufacturer could be the difference between success and failure. Going direct to specialists like us is the way forward, and we can help from the very start and right up until the end-product is on the shelves and ready for consumption.

Establishing and maintaining a brand that is known for quality and assurance is a must in this market, and we expect that the regulations and accreditations will continue to tighten and evolve over time. One such recent change is the Novel Foods applications which we will go into below.

Our Novel Foods application

As a specialist CBD manufacturer, our Novel Foods application with the Food Standards Agency (FSA) was made many months ago and ahead of the deadline that fell this year. We are expecting to soon be listed on the FSA website with an approved application soon.

This is another important step forward for the wider CBD sector with ensuring for stronger regulation and approval, which is something we are all in favour of.

We already strongly promote premium products and high-quality services, and we understand the importance of the end-user getting the best that they can. For us, it is all about using the pure power of nature with 100% organic ingredients, and making sure that no corners are cut when it comes to the quality of what is on offer. We already had a mind-set of quality assurance, and our own in-house practices and procedures were already promoting this.

You can read more about the Novel Foods application here.

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