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Independent CBD lab testing

We believe that independent CBD lab testing is an important benefit that we offer our customers and our partners who work with us.

Our assurance of premium products and high-quality processes is something that we are very proud of. But, as the market for CBD continues to grow, we appreciate that things can get confusing. This is why we believe independent testing is so important, which is why we offer it.

Here is our take on why we do this, why we feel this is important, and how people can access the lab reports on our website here.

Why we use independent lab testing

We firmly believe that independent CBD lab testing should be a given when it comes to products bought and sold here in the UK. Although we know not all companies make use of it, we do, and we believe that it is an essential part of the assurance that we can offer to our customers and our partners.

As the CBD industry continues to grow at such an exponential rate, people need and deserve assurances. We live in times when people are incredibly concerned and conscious about what it is that we take into our bodies. When we can show the science and make it accessible to customers, what better way is there to make sure that they are satisfied in what they are investing in?

We also have a real focus on only ever offering premium, high-quality products. We strictly make use of natural ingredients for our formulas, and we want to make sure that people can be assured of this. We make use of our own in-house quality-control, but we also rely on independent lab reports that means that there can be no doubt when it comes to what we offer.

Why this is important

Nobody wants to waste their time and money on bad products. Customers can always take the company’s word for it that what they offer is what they say it is, but we know that this is not always the case. Although we are always honest and upfront, not everyone else is, and we appreciate that assurance is important.

But this does not mean that you should just take our word for it. We also understand that people already have fallen for scams and bad products, or they are wary of doing so. Really, the best way to make sure that our partners and customers are assured is to make use of independent CBD lab testing, which is exactly what we do.

Access the independent CBD lab testing reports here

Our customers do not even have to take our word for it that we use independent CBD lab testing either. We make the reports available so people can see the science for themselves.

For lab report verification,  you can enter a batch number on the page here and see for yourself.

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