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Popularity of CBD means now is a perfect time to join the industry

We know that the popularity of CBD can be seen from its use by people from many different age groups and from many different backgrounds, making the growth of the industry sustainable.

In recent years, the CBD industry has seen a huge amount of positive growth in the UK market and this is predicted to continue on an upward curve.

The popularity of CBD has made CBD a prominent product in the wellness sector, one that is likely to keep expanding in the future in our view. Agencies seeking to regulate the market will no doubt consider the longevity of the market and seek a deeper understanding of the markets, motivations of customers, and CBD business practices. As specialist CBD manufacturers, these are all matters that we pay close attention to and keep a close eye on.

The popularity of CBD

The Centre for Medicinal Cannabis released a report on CBD in the UK and stated that the popularity of CBD will only continue to grow:

They said:

CBD’s popularity in the UK has been hard to gauge, but new data for this report indicates that it has reached a level of market penetration that is unlikely to dissipate, with consumption across age groups and classes, not just trendsetting millennials.’

What this means is that now is the perfect time for businesses to join the industry. With the popularity of CBD predicted to continue to keep increasing, it is a crucial time to get your brand out there and get it known.

What we believe in is making the CBD market the best that it can be. As such, for us, it is important to only bring quality CBD products to the CBD market, particularly with the industry’s regulation still needing plenty of work. There are still far too many low-quality products that are available in the market, and we do not want anyone to be put off by such products.

The legality of CBD

The CBD In The UK report attributes the vagueness of the law surrounding CBD to the growth and popularity of CBD:

The complexity and vagueness of the law governing CBD in the UK has given rise to a profitable, competitive, and largely unregulated CBD sector with a diverse array of retail products and strong revenue growth.

‘The ongoing prohibition of cannabis itself, and the severely limited availability of legally-prescribed medicinal cannabis products may explain some diversion of this pent up demand into the underregulated market for CBD wellness products.’

The law surrounding CBD can be complex, but partnering with us makes it easy. Avoid CBD manufacturers who take advantage of this and create poor quality and perhaps unethical products that can undermine the industry as a whole and can be misleading consumers.

Instead, choose the right way forward, which is what we offer – and we are more than happy to discuss how we do this.

Partner with LW Labs today

At LW Labs, we are committed to making only the best quality products and providing the best services that we can. Our products are made from pure and natural ingredients. We do not believe in cutting corners or using Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO) in our CBD solutions.

We are also able to offer private and white label services for our partners, meaning you can take advantage of our in-house designer to create the perfect branding and labels, use your own designs, or our plain labels – the options are yours to choose from

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